A Shared Vision

A Shared Vision aims to help organisations develop new approaches to strategy, operational management and implementation based upon an understanding of what works and an instinctive ability to provide insight to inform action.

Within this we seek to promote innovation and fresh thinking, helping partners retain a focus on actions that make a difference to the people, communities, places and businesses they support. In short we seek to work with stakeholders to develop a common approach to meet the challenges of the new - facilitating joint learning as we proceed.

We increasingly deliver our solutions through digital engagement employing a range of tools that support public and discussions in formal and informal settings.

About Us

How we work

  • We work in partnership.

  • We work to understand your needs.

  • We work to provide solutions to meet your needs

  • We co-design and coproduce solutions as a matter of course

  • We work to deliver actionable results that delight

Clients include:

Lancashire County Council

Wirral Council

NHS South London CSU

NHS Wirral

The Skelmersdale Partnership

Neston Market Town Initiative

Lairdside Communities Together


BE Group


FE Colleges

Our approach

We start by immersing ourselves in your culture and objectives on the basis that understanding where you’re coming from helps us to get you where you’re going to.

Once we understand your objectives we work with you to deliver the results, from support to achieve your objectives to a fully managed, full service solution. Whatever is required we are focused on delivering the most efficient solution in the most economical manner...

...and if we do say so ourselves in the most elegant way we can.

We enjoy our work and work to ensure you enjoy working with us.

All this is underpinned by sound practical experience.


ASV was formed in 1994 since when we have worked with clients in all sectors based upon more than twenty years; experience in research, economic development and organisational change. We deliver our services in a family group that enables us to provide flexible and appropriate responses to the needs of local stakeholders.

Strategy and Action:

  • Developing strategic responses to allow delivery of policy
  • Evidence based strategy and action – establishing robust local evidence for strategy and delivery development
  • Supporting action plans to deliver the operational requirements of strategies
  • Business Planning

Facilitation, Consultation and Engagement:

  • New ideas and approaches
  • Conflict resolution
  • New partnership formation
  • Facilitating joint responses to strategic planning
  • Stakeholder consultation and engagement
  • Community advocacy and leadership
  • Strategy and action planning based upon the views of stakeholders

Evaluation: Policy in Practice:

Our approach to evaluation is built upon the collective experience of our team in designing, developing and delivering extensive regeneration and renewal schemes from a range of funding sources that most notably include:

Resource Management:

  • Developing funding strategies to support service delivery;
Providing support and advice to ongoing projects on delivery strategy and compliance issues.


We care as much about what matters to you as you do, we’re looking for truth and provide honest opinion, if you like the approach let's talk, we’d love to hear from you.

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